Light, flavoursome and tasty, you wont find better sushi anywhere else.  Taiko Sushi is the only choice.

Taiko sushi uses only the best quality ingredients to produce sushi that tastes like you are actually in a downtown Tokyo Sushi bar. We follow authentic recipes to ensure that true Japanese elegant flavours are enjoyed by our happy customers.


The Taiko sushi rice recipe was developed over a 12 month period, with daily rice tasting to ensure we produce the best quality sushi rice for our customers to enjoy.

The perfect sushi rice should be light and fluffy, but sticky enough so it can be rolled and also not fall apart when you pick up your nigiri! It can take years to master this basic formula.


All of Taiko Foods fish and shellfish are either farmed or sustainably caught. We were the first sushi supplier to launch products with the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) logo on them over 8 years ago.

Taiko have 2 products with the MSC logo on, available at Waitrose – MSC Californian Rolls and MSC Tuna Wrap.

Taiko offer a selection of vegan & vegetarian sushi products clearly identified by the ‘Moegi’ green colour pallet to make life a little easier for our customers.


Taiko also produce a range of snacking products which like the Sushi and Bentos are available in Waitrose. These include Chicken Katsu Bites with Teri-Mayo, Prawn Gyoza with Sweet Chilli Sauce and Spicy Chicken Gyoza with Sweet Chilli Sauce.


Poke is a deliciously simple Hawaiian dish of cubed fish, over a bowl of seasoned salad and vinegared rice. Taiko have used authentic poke recipes as a base to deliver a colourful poke bowl whose main ingredients are raw salmon and sushi rice with a healthy goma wakame seaweed salad, crunchy edamame beans, rocket, spring onions and a creamy avocado mousse, dressed with a sweet and salty soy sesame dressing.


Taiko offer a variety of Bento boxes, these include Chicken Katsu Bento, Miso Salmon Bento, Sushi & Tofu Bento and Salmon Sashimi Don. Bento boxes are well known Japanese lunches which comprise of rice, cooked fish or meat and Japanese style vegetable dishes.