Our Story

As an authentic modern food manufacturer located in London, Taiko Foods focuses on producing the best quality Sushi, Bentos and Food to Go products as well as Japanese and Oriental prepared meals such as Dim Sum.  Started in 1997 as the first manufacturer of Sushi for the UK supermarket industry, Taiko has evolved into the most innovative manufacturer of Sushi, Bentos and Snacking products in the UK to Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsburys, Co-op, WHSmith, Asda David Lloyd, Lidl and Costco.

Why Taiko

Taiko chooses to produce the products that all the other manufacturers decide are too difficult to produce.  In the past 15 years Taiko has launched more first to market sushi and food to go products than any other sushi manufacturer in the UK.  Some of these include, Vietnamese Prawn Crystal Rolls, Japanese Bentos, Edamame Beans and Sushi Wraps. All of Taiko’s products are produced in a modern, specially designed factory, which meets the highest UK retail market standards for ready to eat food factories.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Taiko Foods are committed to maintaining not only compliance but also in the standards of corporate social responsibility in its business activities. We recognise that we must integrate our business values and operations to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. They include customers, employees, investors, suppliers, the community and the environment. Taiko Foods has established the following into its CSR policy:

1: Aiming to produce foods that are authentic and inspiring for its customers.

Taiko foods recognized the importance not only producing foods that are authentic and inspiring but to also provides services to its customers with integrity, quality and care.

2: Sourcing Materials and Packaging responsibly with minimal impact to the environment

Taiko Foods acknowledge the importance in the right choice when sourcing its materials. When souring new products Taiko always consider ethics and sustainability as we strongly believes in looking after our environment.

3: On going improvements to the workplace

Taiko is committed to on-going improvements to its working environment and prides itself in creating opportunities for its employees to understand the skills, experience and attitudes needed to work in this sector. Respect the rights and dignity of employees and treat them fairly without discrimination. Encouraging team work and the sharing of knowledge throughout the organization.

4: Contributions to the local community

Taiko Foods have already donated time, offering knowledge and experiences to local primary school children to explore new foods. Moving forward, Taiko are finding innovative ways to uplift the communities within the area which Taiko operates, to provide support in fund raising opportunities.

5: On going improvements to reduce the Co2 impact on the environment

Taiko is constantly looking into ways to achieve reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions, invest in alternative energy and recycle materials where possible.

Food Safety and Quality Mission Statement

It is the intention of Taiko Foods Ltd to supply premium quality products and services to all its customers and staff alike. We ensure all our products conform to legal and food safety requirements and are produced to the highest hygienic standards in a safe and friendly environment. Our aim is to constantly increase our efficiency and improve all our products and services. We aim to ensure all our colleagues perform to the highest standards, and our goal is to provide a proactive environment, which benefits all our customers. We also drive efficiency and reduce waste where necessary. Taiko Management team are committed to continuous improvement of our products and processes, periodically reviewing of these. We are here to ensure the business becomes the very best in the markets in which it operates while fulfilling our responsibilities to customers and consumers alike.