Mai Taiko food race

Mai Taiko’s been racing a lot this year. We’ve been serving Japanese Street Food, alongside Royal horses, the best Regatta in the world and now you will find us speed serving at Formula 1.

Mai royal ascot…

Horse Racing, Hats and Yummy Japanese Street Food, a Winning Combination!
Say a big Kon’nichiwa to Mai Taiko at Royal Ascot from the 22nd to the 24th of June, 2017.

Meet the new bento boxes…

Taiko introduce x3 tasty new Bento boxes and x1 Don into Waitrose supermarkets!!!

Taiko Launch Frushi…

On Wednesday 13th July, Taiko launched Frushi into Waitrose supermarkets!!!

Last week Waitrose were the first UK supermarket to exclusively launch ‘Frushi’ – a new type of sushi made with fruit instead of seafood under the Taiko brand.