Taiko says ‘konnichiwa’ to YO! Sushi

We at Taiko are pleased to announce that we have joined the YO! Sushi family.

YO! have led the way in all Japanese cuisine related matters for more than 20 years now, and if it wasn’t for them, the eating habits of the UK would look very different today.

We are proud to partner with a company as focused on delivering the freshest, most authentic Japanese cuisine as we are. Together, we aim to create a worldwide network of easy, on-the-go sushi products that push the boundaries of the food we love, particularly amongst UK supermarkets and other bespoke food outlets.

The Taiko and YO! stories share many similarities. We were both founded in 1997, with the dream of taking the real Asian food we loved to a new market of hungry customers. And by combining classic principles with innovative thinking and modern presentation, we both carved out a niche for ourselves. While we at Taiko were the first sushi manufacturer for UK supermarkets, YO! were the first nationwide sushi restaurant chain. It was only natural that our paths would cross one day.

21 years later, Taiko have evolved into the most innovative sushi producers in the country, supplying Waitrose, among others. We now employ more than 200 people in our West London factory and this new link with YO! ensures many more years of positive growth. The name Taiko name will remain intact, as will our savvy and creative management team, led by Derek Lewis (Managing Director) and Martin Prasad (Operations Director) and Kar-Wai Chiu (Finance Director).

This new exciting chapter in the Taiko story finds YO! riding the crest of significant wave themselves, with restaurants now open across Europe, North American, the Middle East and Australia. The result is now one of the largest sushi companies outside Japan, with Taiko able to add increased focus to important growth areas such as healthy Asian and quality To-Go foods.

In the last three years the YO! family has increased significantly with the acquisition of Bento Sushi in Toronto. Together we aim to continue to lead the way for easy, healthy and delicious Asian cuisine around the world.