Hello world!

Welcome to Taiko’s very first blog post! Following the recent redesign of our now fresh-faced website (thanks to FlipFlop Design!) we thought it only appropriate to introduce ourselves to the ever-growing world of blogging.

If you’ve already had a scroll through our website, we’re sure you already have an idea of who we are and what we do, but just in-case you haven’t, we are a company focused on innovating and delivering the best quality Sushi, Bentos and other exciting Japanese and Asian snacks and foods to the UK market.  Our Taiko brand is an exclusive brand to Waitrose and you can find a huge range of Sushi in the Waitrose Food to Go section as well as Bentos and Snacks such as our ever popular Chicken Katsu Bites with Teri-mayo.  We also supply Raku branded Sushi and guess what, more Chicken Katsu bites into Costco.

With this brand spanking new website we hope you can join us on our journey to innovating even more exciting  new foods!!!

We love what we do and will be sharing our passion through this blog from exciting new launches to news, trend updates, and pretty much everything Sushi!

We’ll be updating our blog regularly so be sure to come back.