Aloha Poke (“POH-keh”)

is a deliciously simple Hawaiian dish of cubed fish, over a bowl of seasoned salad and vinegared rice.

‘Aloha’ is the greeting for hello and bye bye with love and affection in Hawaii. ‘Poké’ actually means to cut or section in native Hawaiian and this relates to the fish or ingredients being chopped up or diced into small chunks.

Poke became part of the Hawaiian diet in the 1970s, but in recent years has become a global food phenomenon starting on the west coast of the US, spreading to New York and now to the UK.

Taiko have used authentic poke recipes as a base to deliver 2 poke bowls whose main ingredients are raw salmon and golden beetroot. With Hawaiian cuisine having many Japanese influences, you will find soy sauce and sesame featuring in marinades and dressings. Bringing an authentic taste of Hawaii to the Aloha Poke range. 

Aloha Poké will be available exclusively in Waitrose stores from 5th July 2017.